ENABLE - Small & Associates
How To Prepare

I. Career Planning- Before meeting with your Placement Specialist, prepare for the intake by completing these activities:

  • Gather the following documents, which will be needed for the intake process:

    1. Picture ID
    2. Social Security Card
    3. Resume or work history with dates of employment and contact name/phone numbers.
    4. List of availability hours.
    5. List of any upcoming vacations, court hearings, doctor appointments, surgeries, etc.
    6. If you have a criminal background, a brief description of the charges and a letter of reference from your probation/parole officer.

  • Condense your ideal job list into one category you would like to pursue. For example, Administrative, Food Service, Retail, etc. If you need assistance determining what environment is best for you, take our Career Interest Inventory, to help you learn where you might be the most successful.

    1. If you believe you have the skills needed to excel in a certain vocational area, but are not completely sure, contact us for a testing session with Prove-It. This computer assessment will test your abilities and rate your skills, which may be helpful to you and your Placement Specialist when job searching.
    2. Identify your skills using our Identifying Skills Worksheet.
  • Determine if you have appropriate clothing for the job you are looking for. Take our Clothing Evaluation/Inventory.

  • These programs offer free career clothing. Your Placement Specialist can make a referral and schedule an appointment for you.
  • Do you have a driver's license and car? If not, how are you planning on getting to and from work? Here are a few helpful links to local public transportation systems.

    1. NJ Transit: gives many options for bus, train, light rail and local paratransit.
    2. NJTIP: offers travel instruction on use of bus, train, light rail and subways.
    3. http://www.njfindaride.org: a directory of accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities.