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Kathleen Wilson - Director

I've been ENABLE's Director since 1988. As a certified and NJ licensed rehabilitation counselor working in vocational rehabilitation for 30+ years, I am a strong believer in the importance of employment for ALL people. I am very proud to lead a company that follows this mission every day.

Over the years since I received a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from West Virginia University, I've had the opportunity to meet and, hopefully, positively influence many people. The fight for civil rights for everyone, including people with disabilities, has taken me to many locations, including testimony before Congress and meetings with high level officials. I continue to advocate for equal access to employment and other life activities through my membership on the New Jersey State Rehabilitation Council, the New Jersey Statewide Independent Living Council and the New Jersey Cultural Access Network.

There is a lot to like about my job, but the part I like best is creating an environment where talented professionals can thrive and achieve positive outcomes for the people we serve. Every time I hear about another successful job placement or job anniversary I am reminded why I continue to love what I do.