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How To: Set up Google Reminders (for your phone)

What? Google Reminders is a service used with Google Calendar that can give you reminders via e-mail, pop-ups on your computer, or text message on your phone based on the Google Calendar events that you input.

When? Anytime, all the time, and as many times are you need a reminder.

Where? Simply get started at

Why? If you have a schedule that changes from week-to-week, it can be difficult to remember when to go in to work. Paper calendars are helpful, but not as effective an audio phone alert. The reminders will be extremely helpful if you usually have your phone on hand. You do NOT need a smartphone because the reminders are set up online, but your phone DOES need to be able to receive text messages.

How? See our tutorial below!

Step 1: Set up a Google Account (Skip to Step 5 if you already have one)

Go to and click “Sign In” on the upper left.

google 1

Step 2: On the next page, click “create an account for free” on the left.

google 2

Step 3: Fill out your information, then click the blue button that says “Next Step”.

google 3

Step 4: At the profile page, you can click the red button to add a photo. Otherwise, click “Next Step”.


Step 5: Change Your Mobile Settings

Click the link at the top that says “Calendar”.

google 5

Step 6: Click “Next: Set time zone,” then “Next: Get reminded about events,” and then fill out your phone number next to “SMS” as shown below. You can choose to uncheck the boxes for Email or Pop-up settings. Click “Next: Sync with your mobile”. (Note: you may not see these pages if you already had a Google Account prior to this setup.)

google 6

Step 7: Click “Start using Google Calendar.” Then, on the calendar page, click the Settings button as shown below and select “Settings”.

google 7

Step 8: Click “Mobile Setup” at the top of the page.

google 8

Step 9: Input your phone number next to “Phone Number.” Next, click “Send Verification Code.” After a few minutes, you will receive a text message with your code. Put the code in the box next to “Verification Code” and click “Finish Setup”. On the next page, edit the settings to your liking.

google 9

Step 10: Input a Calendar Event and Set Reminders

Click “Calendar” at the top of the page to return to your calendar. Click a time slot on the day you are working to create your first event. Click “Edit Event”.

google 10

Step 11: Input the event name, time, and place. At the bottom of the page, set at least one reminder to “SMS” in order to receive a text message reminder. You can choose how early before you start work to get the reminder. You can also set more than two by clicking “Add a Reminder”. Click the red “Save” button at the top of the page.

Keep adding more “events” for each shift you are scheduled to work.

google 11

Congratulations! You can now start using Google Reminders to help you remember your work schedule.