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Information for Job Seekers

ENABLE assists people with disabilities to find and maintain jobs in the community through a network of support services. Support is tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant and is offered through every phase of the job search. Our staff can help facilitate career goals, decided by you and your DVR counselor. Staff will assist with completing job application forms, providing escort for job interviews, travel instruction and helping to orient you to the workplace and supervisory expectations. Individualized training at the job site and long term follow-up is also available.

Explanation of Services

Benefits Counseling
Benefits counseling is offered to individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI or SSA.) We will help you and your family members understand how your benefits will be affected by working. For more information on how working affects benefits see:

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Job Search
The Placement Specialist works with you to develop a career plan, helps to find job leads, assists with job applications, prepares you for your interview and provides escort to job interviews. The Placement Specialist may also provide guidance with work attire, grooming, and interview skills. The amount of time it takes to conduct a job search varies, depending on the type of job, amount of work experience, schedule and transportation restrictions, and applicant flexibility. The option of disclosing or not disclosing a disability can be discussed with your Placement Specialist.

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Travel Instruction
The Employment Specialist will teach you how to use public transportation to get to your new job. If you plan to drive to work, the Employment Specialist will help you map out the best route. Additional resources for travel instruction are available at:

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Job Coaching
The Employment Specialist orients and trains the consumer on site or off-site depending on the consumer's situation. He/she stays with you until you have learned all aspects of your new job.

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Follow-Up Support and Advocacy

Support continues even after the training period. Your Employment Specialist is never more than a phone call away. 

  • If you are receiving supported employment services, you will be contacted monthly for as long as you remain working.
  • If you are receiving short term services, coaching ends at the completion of the training period. Contact your DVR counselor if you need additional services.
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Replacement / Career Advancement
(Supported Employment Only)
If you lose your job, and are still eligible for services, your Placement Specialist will help you find another job. Support will be provided at the new job. Your Employment Specialist can also help you train for a new assignment or promotion on your current job.

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What Are Transition Services?
Transition services are a coordinated and outcome-oriented set of activities for a student that promote movement from school to post-school activities; including post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, or community participation. Transition plans for all special education students must be documented on their IEPs beginning at age 14, or younger, if appropriate.

Transition can focus both on the student’s course of study while in school and services to help maximize independence.  When considering possible coursework for the student, the focus is to identify the required courses that lead toward graduation and to also think about, plan for and ensure that all educational experiences offered to the student will help them achieve their desired post school goals or outcomes, whether that be post-secondary, employment, training, independent living, etc. 

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Why Are Transition Services Important?

Transition services are critical because, at the age of majority, unless their parent has secured guardianship, students with disabilities have the right to make their own IEP decisions.  It is incumbent on the adults on the IEP team – the parents, educators, and other professionals – to ensure that students with disabilities are prepared for this important role. Transition services are also important for a good job match, should the student choose to seek employment after graduation. 

ENABLE’s transition services are a coordinated set of activities designed to prepare students for the transition to supported / integrated employment and possibly further education. Each individual has unique needs and we take into consideration the students’ strengths, preferences and interests. The transition and job goal is achieved through student self determination, informed choice and consultation with the student’s teachers and parents.  The job match and support from our team will help the student improve academically and functionally. The student will gain many daily living and social skills at the work place, as well as gain an enormous boost of self esteem.

Our transition approach is consumer driven and culturally appropriate.  We stay with the student at the job site for as long as necessary and offer referrals to other services as the need arises.  Our goal is long term successful employment.

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What Services Can ENABLE Offer?

ENABLE can provide the following support to students transitioning into employment. Remember, each plan is written specifically for each individual student; therefore, we are able to emphasize flexibility with each student.

  • ENABLE can facilitate communication with students and their families so that they are an integral part of the transition process.
  • ENABLE can provide the student with the information necessary to make informed decisions about goal setting and future planning.
  • Students will have a realistic picture of the world of work and all its responsibilities.
  • ENABLE’s support team would be present at IEP meetings to offer guidance and suggestions as to the individual’s goals and unique transition plan.
In order to properly prepare students for success in the work environment, ENABLE’s team of professionals can provide the following services:

  • Professional consultation with ENABLE’s staff to properly facilitate transition based services to coordinate with school- based programs.
  • Trial work experiences, including job shadowing, job sampling and internships, which offer students the opportunity to experience a “real work” environment and make an informed decision about their job choice.
  • Assisted Job Placement and Job Coaching, which can offer students the opportunity to work in a preferred setting and receive compensation with the support of a professional Job Coach.
  • Vocational Assessment, including interest inventories and on-line assessment of many job skills utilizing testing from Prove-It! by Kenexa.  More indepth vocational assessments may be arranged through one of our partnering organizations.
  • Technical Consultation by ENABLE staff is available to school systems for assistance with developing placement program procedures and options.

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