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Clothing Evaluation / Inventory

In order to assess whether you are ready to attend the interview "dressed to impress", use these statements to describe your circumstances and respond to them by selecting the button next to Yes or No.

Clothing Evaluation/Inventory
1. I own a suit or dress slacks.

2. I own a solid button up shirt.

3. I own dress shoes.

4. I own a tie.

5. I own a belt.

6. My suit is clean.

7. My shirt is cleaned.

8. I own a comb.

9. I can take a shower on the day of the interview.

10. I own cologne or perfume.

11. I can brush my teeth on the day of the interview.

If you responded no to any of these statements you may not be ready for the interview. Ask your Placement Specialist to assist you in determining whether you are ready and how you might "dress to impress" for your interview.