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Career Interest Inventory

This inventory gives the Placement Specialist an idea of whether the consumer prefers (1) working alone or in a team, (2) prefers a routine or different tasks, and (3) if they prefer a particular learning style (visual).

For each item click the button next to (SA) if you Strongly Agree, (A) if you Agree, (D) if you Disagree, or (SD) if you Strongly Disagree.

Career Interest Inventory
1) I like doing the same task many times.

2) If given the option of training one-on-one or in a team I prefer training in a team.

3) It helps me to look at a map often when I am going somewhere.

4) I like having the same schedule every week.

5) I get confused when I am asked to do a new task.

6) I like to work with people.

7) I like having a list of my job tasks in my pocket.

8) If I am asked to do something new I need directions on how to do it more than one time.

9) I enjoy working alone.

10) It helps me when I have the same tasks everyday.

11) I need to be shown what to do several times.

12) When I have to do something different it takes me time to adjust.