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Allison Votta

I graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. After graduating, I completed a certificate program in Gerontology. From a very early age I knew I was “hooked” on helping others. I was an active member of Girl Scouts for 13 years and throughout my service I developed a passion for guiding, supporting, and assisting members of the community. Also, I was a certified EMT on my local volunteer first aid squad. During this time, I thoroughly enjoyed being a first responder and being there in an individual’s time of need. My experience as an EMT has taught me be a quick problem solver and be creative in challenging situations.

In college, I participated as a note taker for fellow students who needed assistance during lectures. I also have experience working in assisted living, retail, restaurant, and office settings. These experiences plus my education will be an asset in my role as an employment specialist.

"I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist." - Max Lerner