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CARF International Survey Summary

October 2014

ENABLE has strengths in many areas.

• The leadership appears to have a high degree of commitment to providing quality services as evidenced by the strong support, advocacy, and the culture of striving for excellence throughout the organization.

• ENABLE presents a group of professionals who clearly embrace the mission of the organization. At all levels, the leadership and staff members are caring and committed, and demonstrate expertise in what they do. This is evidenced by the high level of involvement with individuals served and the exceptional understanding relative to the needs of individuals served.

• Staff members make continuous efforts to put their best foot forward. The staff members’ collaborative and cooperative working styles serve as a vehicle to better serve persons in the community.

• Policies and procedures are clear and well organized for the reader.

• A common theme evident in all feedback from staff members, stakeholders, and other interested parties is that ENABLE is responsive to the concerns of the individuals served.

• Given the economic climate and financial challenges, the leadership is complimented on sustaining quality services and continuing to provide services that receive positive satisfaction from individuals served.

• The positive attitude of staff members promotes a teamwork approach to service delivery. The rapport between staff members and individuals served, as well as staff members with the leadership, appears to be excellent.

• The commitment and professionalism of staff members are great indicators of consistency of service delivery. It is clear that they listen to the individuals served to discover their interests and needs, and assist them to live at the highest functioning possible. These qualities assist personnel in focusing on producing positive outcomes for the individuals served.

• Staff members clearly demonstrate commitment and care in their engagement and inclusiveness for each individual served. The individuals served acknowledge their high levels of satisfaction with services provided. They appreciate the holistic emphasis by personnel to meet their needs. There appears to be a very open and trusting relationship established with staff members.

• The employment services staff members are enthusiastic and dedicated to finding employment opportunities for individuals served.